Sunday, September 6, 2015

8/31/15 3 Baptisms, 2 Birthdays, and ONE GIANT Water Balloon Fight

Hello hello hello!! 


We had the most amazing thing happen on Sunday
3 Baptisms. 
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I seriously feel so blessed. Honestly, these people have been prepared and taught by the Lord. I really feel like I have just been along for the ride. 

This family is going to do amazing things. I love them so much! They are incredible. Such faith. It was incredible. Beyond all description. A picture  is worth a thousand words. So I will send some. But really. It's been a miraculous experience. 
It was the Bishop's wife's friend's family. Her husband, the bishop, baptized them. I also got to recite the whole first vision from memory! It was really cool. All of my theater classes in high school really came in handy. It really is like a monologue. :) I was honored to share it.

This past week it was Sister Casas's birthday!!! And also Elder Johnson in our District. We decorated HIS car on his birthday and then they decorated our car for her birthday. :) 

And one week ago we had a HUGE ZONE P-Day with all the districts in our zone. And. We had a water balloon fight. It was awesome. Also, our whole district got superhero t-shirts. It was super fun. 
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I also went on my first EXCHANGE!! Hermana Bonar who is the Sister Training Leader for the WHOLE ZONE came with me to Dayton and I had to lead out the area! It was kind of intimidating at first but it ended up going really well. We even got two members present for 2 lessons! :) 

We also had new missionary training. I now have driving privileges! We have a 2014 Jeep Compass. 

We also found another woman named Melinda who has met with missionaries in the past. She committed to baptism! Honestly were lead by the Spirit to find her. We went tracting when we normally don't and that's when she was home. It was awesome! 

Thanks for all the prayers. The ward members are SO great out here and totally do missionary work. 

I just feel so blessed. 

I love you all. 

-Sister Wilson  

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