Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/24/15 One Month Mark! What???

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Hey hey hey from Dayton Texas! 
First off, I reached my month mark on Saturday. WHAT? Yes. A month. Not OK. I seriously feel so weird. Part of me is like uh yeah it feels like 6 months! And then part of me is like UHHH no I got here like yesterday. 
So. Go figure. 
But. Some amazing miracles this week!! 

First off, we got to go to the TEMPLE this week!!! Wow. The HOUSTON TEMPLE THO. It's not even funny how beautiful it is. And I LOVED the session! We had an awesome member drive us who just got back from her mission in Mexico like a month ago. She is stellar. :) 

On Saturday, we had a HUGE mission conference because Elder Corbridge of the 70 came to speak with us. Sis. Casas said these like hardly ever happen and it's way unique that I get to go on my first transfer! The message was wonderful and helped us learn how to focus the message on the Atonement and teach clearly! It was awesome. 

Also. This week we got to meet Ashley- she is a single Mom who is totally looking to connect more with God in her life. Immediately when we walked in to teach her I felt like I had known her forever and we talked like old friends. We taught lesson one and answered her questions. Then she accepted baptism and is working towards the 27th of September! AHHHH so excited for her!! 

Also. Dana is a friend of one of the less actives we are working with. Originally, I thought she said yes to letting us come over just to be nice and because we knew her friend. So I thought she wouldn't be very interested and would let us give our spiel and then tell us she's baptist and then have us leave. But. Then we taught the lesson and she TOTALLY listened. And she felt the Spirit and we invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!!  WOW!! I was totally wrong about her. She's amazing and totally open! 

Also. Fun facts about THE mission: 
-Almost every Mexican Restaurant you go to has free serve yourself ice cream cones when you leave. How cool is that??
-Almost every restaurant here IS a Mexican Restaurant hahaha 
-I only pick up a southern accent when talking to black people...according to Sister Casas. We laugh about it all the time lol
- "utsacould" is a word. Like " I ustacould dance." 

Story time. So we knocked on this guys door and he was like, Oh, you're the Mormons? We were like yeah! he was like Hey. My pastor is an EX Mormon. so I know all about you guys. 
We were like. Oh dear. So we offered him service and then took off before he could start bashing us. It was a close call. 

Thanks for all the prayers and support!! LOVE you all!!! The church is SO true. And the Atonement CAN change lives. You just have to give HIM a chance. Hold on to that hope!! 

Sister Wilson 
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Sister Wilson and Sister Casas
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A new friend...

Monday, August 17, 2015

8/17/2015 Rapping the Restoration.. Gangster Style!!

Hello from TEXAS!

So basically here are the highlights for the week: 

Thursday there was a HUGE multi zone service project where we helped hand out food from a food pantry. Super awesome! And realllllyyyyyyyy HOTTTT  because we were outside. Yep. It was great! :) 

Also! This week we got a "mini" missionary! They surprised us with her on Friday. Sis. Clarke is from Kingwood (a nearby city) and she is getting ready to put her papers in! She joined us for the weekend and helped us teach! :) She is super cool. :) And Sis. Casas told me, she said, beware, because when mini missionaries come there are always tons of miracles. 

Truth. Right there. 

So many miracles!!! 

We will start with this: 

The three with a baptismal date committed to live the Word of Wisdom! yay for no more TEA! (I swear people drink Sweet Tea out here more than water, haha) 

Our investigators who we met tracting came to the Ward GONG Show (talent show). It was good, we gave them a church tour and they committed to come to church! :) (They did come but left early...:( they had a little baby so it's hard.)
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Then later on Sunday we met with Brianna! She is the lady we helped with the mattress, remember her??  Yeah!!! She is seriously SO prepared for the gospel. And her grandma used to be a member!! She is inactive now but hey- we found a lost sheep! :) But Brianna was so open to the Spirit. And she committed to baptism. Sis. Casas and I are seriously so humbled to be her guides on her quest for truth! She is amazing! :) 

So. Rapping the Restoration. The ward asked all the missionaries to do something for the Gong Show (Talent show but if you want to be bad on purpose to get "gonged" off the stage you can). So we like couldn't figure out what to do but then the Elder were like let's rap a hymn! Then Sis. Casas was like OH! I have the "cup-storation song" (which is sung to the tune of Cups from Pitch perfect... the "when i'm gone song." I will have to send the lyrics because they totally explain the restoration!

 Then we were like OK. So let's dress up like gangsters and Rap the Restoration! 
So that's what we did!! It was awesome! 

Just remember this week that little acts of service ( like saving a mattress) can change lives. :) 

Best of luck this week. Praying for you!! 


Sister Wilson :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Pics from MTC and first companion in Texas

8/10/15 Letter from Dayton, Texas!

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As you all were probably dying to know, I have arrived safely in TEXAS!!! We got up at 1:30 am from the MTC and drove to Salt Lake on a charter bus. The plane rides over were pretty interesting. We flew out to Denver and then connected over to Houston! It was my first time flying commercially and I got a little motion sickness but not too bad. I had sour patch watermelons which actually were really great!! And I got a window seat on the flight to Denver. So that was awesome. 

Oh. And. I just have so much to tell that I don't think I will have time for it all. So. Here's some cool/ important stuff. 

President & Sister Drake picked us up from the airport- but we ended up splitting up part of the group because two missionaries lost some of their luggage and some had to wait for the missionaries who were coming from the CMM (Mexico MTC). So Sister Cooper and I got to head with Pres Drake and some Elders to the church in Kingwood. There we got to have lunch and an orientation and a quick interview with the President. After the rest of the missionaries came we all had like a quick lesson type rotate thing where the AP's and other helpers taught us important stuff. We then had a meeting with all the trainers and we got I Pad minis! (WOHOOO loving it).  Then we all went into a transfer meeting and they basically called the trainer and called the greenie (all the newbies like me) and then they went and sat together. My trainer is SISTER CASAS! 

Sister Casas is pretty much amazing. She has been out for about 9 months now. She is a convert from UTAH and she has like the strongest testimony ever. She is SO Christlike and loving and I want to be a missionary like her one day! Growing up she was Catholic and all her friends were LDS but they never shared the gospel with her. But then in college she made friends with returned missionaries (who actually knew how to share the gospel) and then she started meeting with missionaries and ended up getting baptized (about a year ago)/  And the she shared with her whole family and now like tons of people are members because of her. She is super organized and very professional but also knows how to have fun! She is also a FANTASTIC teacher and trainer. Basically I lover her to pieces. 

We were assigned to labor in DAYTON which is right next to LIBERTY Texas. Basically the two coolest towns in Texas. The ward is SO GREAT. No joke. Seriously. Like we have dinner appointments EVERY NIGHT! AND. They are missionaries. They totally do missionary work and help us teach lessons and find people and it is SO AMAZING. 

So our apartment was kind of a cluttery mess when we finally found it. (GPS's don't like to work on county roads... haha) but we got to work right away! We had like (I kid you not) over 10 bags of trash (big ones) just from all the clutter of random unneeded stuff that other missionaries left behind. But the apartment is in good shape now! 

Also, we have 2 Elders living in the same apartment complex. They are the Spanish Speaking Elders for the area and they are awesome! They have helped us so much! They helped me with my bike lock and with our apartments' light bulbs and with finding things in the city and just all kinds of stuff. They are super Christlike in their service as well! 

So! News with the WORK! 

The first appointment we had was set up by the Sisters who were teaching before us. (Both went home, so we were "white washing" the area. Which means neither of us had ever been there before so we knew NO ONE and had no idea where anything was). The appointment was with a Mom and her two daughters who are friends with the Bishop's wife and wondered about our church. They have been coming to church about 5 times before and they are feeling fellowshipped and loved! The Sisters before us committed them to baptism and on Tuesday we committed them to a date! Sis. Casas and I were floored. We couldn't believe the blessings! We were both like. Wow. This is HUGE. 3 Baptisms in my first transfer and in my first area! (She has had 4 baptisms total and she's been out for half her mission). We just feel to happy and humbled to be the Sisters to help this wonderful family learn of the gospel! :) 

One more thing.  This is like totally the Lord's hand. So cool. 

We were driving home Thursday night after tracting (my first time! It was hard but good!) and we drove past this random person on a cell phone standing on the side of the road with a mattress. We were like...what the? So we got closer and we saw that is was this nice young lady around our age and so we asked her if she needed any help. She was like, yes! Please! I need to get this mattress to my apartment! We were like um we can't haul this in our 2014 Jeep Compass... then we were like, OH! ELDERS! They have a pick up truck! So we told her we could call someone with a truck. So we called the Elders and they came and helped her haul her mattress to her apartment. Luckily it wasn't that far. So we unloaded it and she was so grateful and talked to us for a while. We didn't get to really talk about the church, but it was a super cool service opportunity. We knew that we were supposed to stop and help her.   It was really cool!! 

ANYWAY!!! So much to say and so little time. 

That's all for now. 

The church is so true, everyone!! Keep praying, keep reading. Love you all. 

-Sister Wilson 

P.S. One of the Elders who lives by us says like THE FUNNIEST STUFF EVER. So we started writing them down because they were so hilarious. For example: 
*He walks by a fan and hits his head on it* (he's pretty tall)
His Comp: Did you just hit your head on that? 
Him: (in all seriousness) No. That was the wind. 
He sits down. No more was said. 

We died laughing. 

Have a fantastic week. :) 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Your Missionary has Arrived to T.H.E. mission

Date: Tue, Aug 4, 2015, 12:26 PM
Subject: Your Missionary Has Arrived!
To: Emily Wilson <keithlwilson@gmail.com>

Your Missionary has arrived safely to T.H.E. Mission! Upon arrival we met your missionary at the airport.  They went to the church, had lunch and focused on training and interviews were conducted by President Drake. After which they met their new companion and were transported to their area of service. They are now out diligently searching for our Heavenly Father's children and doing the work of the Lord. Thank you for sending your daughter and sons to us, they have added great strength to our small army here in the Texas Houston East Mission. We love them and are so grateful to have them with us. You will find attached a picture of your newly arrived missionary with Sister Drake and myself as well as their arriving group and Trainer.

We are writing to confirm your e-mail address. We use this method to keep you informed in case of hurricanes or in getting you other important information concerning T.H.E. Mission.
We are delighted that your Missionary is here and look forward to working with them.
President and Sister Drake

Sunday, August 2, 2015

08/01/15 Saturday-email (from MTC)

Dear Family and Friends:

Below is this weeks letter.  Please let me know if you want to be removed, or change an email address.  Thanks for your support, she is doing well.  She leaves for the airport 4 hours from when I am writing this.- Keith

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48 Hours until I enter the Kingdom of the Lord in HOUSTON TEXAS!!! YAY!! 

So MTC life seriously has been so crazy. Mostly this past week has FLOWN. It's kind of weird because you have so much stuff to do each day that it's pretty much impossible to keep up. Mostly just trying to keep my head above water! 

But the other night as I was writing in my journal I finally felt like I knew what I was doing. No more "keeping my head above water." I actually felt like I was swimming along just fine. And then it hit me: This is my life now. This is what I'm going to be doing. Missionary work is my life now. All the time. And I smiled. I finally feel so good and like I've adjusted! 

And then of course I will be thrown in the field in what...like....2 days? Well. No growth in a comfort zone, I guess. I need to keep growing! :) 

So our flight leaves at 5:30 am on MONDAY and we flight to Denver where we have a short like 40 min layover and then down to HOUSTON!!! We have to get up and be ready to go at 2:30 am. So. Basically no sleep that night. We will just sleep on the plane haha :). 

And on Wednesday Sis. Pace and I got to welcome all the new Sister Missionaries into the MTC!! It was really cool, we felt hardly qualified to be giving tours and advice because had been there only one week...but it was one week more than the new sisters! :) Some of the new sisters are going to Texas Houston (not east... :() and the others are going to Pocatello, ID! :) They are all so great and I love them. :) 

For other news... Sister Hobbs, who was in our room and was companions with Sister Cooper, (also in our room and zone and going to THE mission) TORE HER ACL AND HAD TO GO HOME FOR SURGERY!!!! What happened you may ask? Well. We were all walking back from playing volleyball with the zone (SUPER FUN BTW) and then we were like, hey, let's do cartwheels! So we all started doing cartwheels. And then she said she "felt a pop". Yes. She tore her ACL doing a cartwheel! Can you believe that? She has torn it before and had surgery before...so. That's way hard. So Sis. Pace and Sis Cooper and I are now a TRIO! :) And Sister Cooper is now an adopted Sister Training Leader. :) 

We also got to do TRC's this week! We got to practice teaching real lessons to real investigators! (Well. Some of them are real. Some of them are members pretending. But they don't tell us who is and who isn't! I'm pretty sure one of them was a member and one of them wasn't.) Anyway. Super cool experience. Sister Pace and I are working really hard to teach as a team! :) 

Love you all!! Have a fantastic week!! Keep praying. The Lord really does listen! :)

-Sister Wilson