Saturday, July 25, 2015

My First Four Days in the MTC

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello Everyone!!        

WOW!! It seriously feels so crazy! I've been in the MTC for four days Time here actually goes reallly slow because the days are like SO long!! But it's good because we are only here for 12 days and we need as much time as we can get! 

My companion is Sister Pace, YES! Bishop Pace from my BYU-I Singles Ward's Daughter! Talk about "non- coincidence." I just remember my first interview with Bishop Pace he said I reminded him of his daughter, and now she is my companion and we are going to the same mission! :) And we were assigned as the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. It's so exciting to serve. It's awesome! We are also rooming with two other sisters going to THE mission as well. 

ALSO!! Right after I walked into the MTC, got checked in, and got my name tag and everything, I ran into Sister Diane Graham! One of my SUPER good friends from Distinguished Young Women! OH! It was so glorious to see a friendly face! :) I've also run into Sister Maren Cline and I've seen Sister Lauren Johnson from a distance! :)  

Something interesting in the MTC that kind of threw me off a little is how many Elders there are. Funny, right? But actually like my WHOLE life at any kind of church activity or temple trip or anything there has ALWAYS been more sisters. Like youth activities, youth conference, youth Sunday school, you know. Especially in my home ward. More sisters/young women. Like always. But in the MTC there are WAY more Elders!! And it just really surprised me in a good way. Our district has 8 elders ad 2 sisters. (The sisters are Sister Pace and me). It's kind of awesome. I'm just like, wow. Elders. Finally. But it also feels a little different to be the minority. Not gonna lie. But it's also super awesome, and I love it!

Just as so many things in life, some times things aren't what we expect. It is kind of weird....I got in the mindset of forget yourself and go to work. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be brushing my teeth or waiting in this cafeteria line, I should be doing something productive and not focusing on myself. So that's been interesting. I do take care of myself and eat and everything, it's just sometimes I wish I didn't have to, hahaha. :) 

So we started teaching an investigator (our teacher acting as in investigator) and it went pretty well! But we also have a lot to improve on. It's only our first week!  Teaching in the MTC is a lot different than practice teaching like in my Mission Prep class. So it's been great to actually be here. Teaching with an actual companion has been a learning experience as well. Sister Pace is also really strong in the gospel and during companion study we have some really deep discussions! 

Also. I got to go to an early morning yoga class my second day. It was great! :) I love yoga. 

The MTC certainly has it's ups and downs. You can't make it on your own. First of all because all the buildings look the same and it takes two of you to figure out where to go ;) but also because you need the Lord and you need the Spirit. It takes a lot of effort on your part. You have to be patient with yourself and others. As they told us the first day: There is no growth in a comfort zone, and there's no comfort in a growth zone! 

So we fly out on Monday the 3rd, and we get to get up at 2:30 am! We fly to Denver and then to Houston. OH! How my heart wants to be there! :) 

I hope you had a fantastic 24th of July! We didn't really do anything out of the ordinary here. Except the bookstore was closed and that's about it haha. 

I love you all and have been thinking and praying for you. 

Have a fantastic week. Stay happy. Focus on the good! :) I love you!! 

-Sister Wilson

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