Monday, August 17, 2015

8/17/2015 Rapping the Restoration.. Gangster Style!!

Hello from TEXAS!

So basically here are the highlights for the week: 

Thursday there was a HUGE multi zone service project where we helped hand out food from a food pantry. Super awesome! And realllllyyyyyyyy HOTTTT  because we were outside. Yep. It was great! :) 

Also! This week we got a "mini" missionary! They surprised us with her on Friday. Sis. Clarke is from Kingwood (a nearby city) and she is getting ready to put her papers in! She joined us for the weekend and helped us teach! :) She is super cool. :) And Sis. Casas told me, she said, beware, because when mini missionaries come there are always tons of miracles. 

Truth. Right there. 

So many miracles!!! 

We will start with this: 

The three with a baptismal date committed to live the Word of Wisdom! yay for no more TEA! (I swear people drink Sweet Tea out here more than water, haha) 

Our investigators who we met tracting came to the Ward GONG Show (talent show). It was good, we gave them a church tour and they committed to come to church! :) (They did come but left early...:( they had a little baby so it's hard.)
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Then later on Sunday we met with Brianna! She is the lady we helped with the mattress, remember her??  Yeah!!! She is seriously SO prepared for the gospel. And her grandma used to be a member!! She is inactive now but hey- we found a lost sheep! :) But Brianna was so open to the Spirit. And she committed to baptism. Sis. Casas and I are seriously so humbled to be her guides on her quest for truth! She is amazing! :) 

So. Rapping the Restoration. The ward asked all the missionaries to do something for the Gong Show (Talent show but if you want to be bad on purpose to get "gonged" off the stage you can). So we like couldn't figure out what to do but then the Elder were like let's rap a hymn! Then Sis. Casas was like OH! I have the "cup-storation song" (which is sung to the tune of Cups from Pitch perfect... the "when i'm gone song." I will have to send the lyrics because they totally explain the restoration!

 Then we were like OK. So let's dress up like gangsters and Rap the Restoration! 
So that's what we did!! It was awesome! 

Just remember this week that little acts of service ( like saving a mattress) can change lives. :) 

Best of luck this week. Praying for you!! 


Sister Wilson :)

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  1. I loved that they rapped the restoration! I can see Emily having so much fun with that! The picture is awesome! Love all the updates, it makes my heart happy!!