Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10/12/15 Mountains to Climb

Hey everyone. :) 

So this week was one of those weeks that seriously tries your patience. But also TOTALLY strengthens your testimony.

 So this is how it works (in the mission field, and in life.) Things are going good, and fine. Then little things start to happen and then things fall apart, and you feel like (to use Sis. Casas' most accurate phrase) you're scrounging around like chickens with their heads cut off. And you're praying like crazy but nothing seems to change. And you're just like. Man. Today was rough. Yesterday was rough. I really hope tomorrow isn't rough. 

And then it is. 

And you're like. Really? Come. On. 

But. Then. You're like, hey. This is a mountain to climb. I guess I will keep climbing. And keep praying. What else can I do? 
(Satan says: (more or less) GIVE UP, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE!) (Which, again may I remind you, is completely not true.)  
And then. When you feel like you've given all you can, and more. And more, things start to look up. (they may crash again right here but hang in there the best part is coming up.) 

SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENS. Yep. After all this struggle and negativity, something awesome happens. Satan always tries to get us down and discourage us right before something really awesome and super great is about to happen. 

So. If you're feeling like life is rough, hang in there. Something FANTASTIC is right around the corner. 

That is pretty much what happened this week. We tried a lot of potentials to try and find more new investigators to reach our goal, and we like could not find anyone! 

Except... Alicia. #miracle. 

It was getting late on Thursday. We had scheduled to go tracting but we really shouldn't go after dark for safety issues. But. We were like. We had a goal. and it's still dusk. Let's go. So we PRAYED about where to go. But we didn't really get any specific inspiration. So I was just like, hey, let's go down by the Elementary School. Why not? So we went down there and the first house we went to was Alicia's. She answered the door and we explained who we were and what we do and asked if she was interested. She was like. Yes, always! We were like. AHHH THIS IS AWESOME!! So we got her number and a return appointment. Yipee!! The Lord answers prayers.

We also had a game night at the church this Friday. Our investigator came because we hooked her up with a ride. Sadly not a lot of people came and our investigator is pretty shy and Sis. Casas and I were SO worried that she didn't have a good time, and that it scared her off because she didnt' really say anything about it. But then she came to church on Sunday and said she LOVED game night and wants to come again. YAY! 

Then on Sunday we worked SUPER hard to get everyone to come to sacrament! We had to work out rides for like EVERYONE  but the ward pulled through and helped give rides. it was a super cool feeling to see so many investigators at church! We got 6 there! Yay!! 

We also randomly had the mission office people come do clean checks. Luckily Sis. Casas and I are pretty tidy so we were fine. #phew 

Elder Johnson just threw a dead wasp at us while I was trying to type this email here in the Library. #rude. These Elders drive us crazy sometimes. But they do take good care of us most of the time so we keep them around. lol

Well anyways. This week just goes to show that the Lord knows what' going on. And he's got something fantastic in store. You just have to trust in Him and His timing. 

Have a blessed week, 

Sister Wilson 

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