Thursday, November 26, 2015

11/23/15 The field is WHITE and the ORANGE EAST SISTERS are BACK!

Dearest family and friends, 

Health challenges (allergic reactions to ant bites and colds) have been resolved, and the Orange East Sisters are back full force tearing up the white field here in Orange and Vinton! We have seen some amazing miracles this week. That's how it works, y'all. Whenever things are bad and you're feeling down, hang in there! There's something amazing right around the corner. The Lord knows! He does! 

Some miracles from this week: 

Last Monday we dropped by and had an AMAZING lesson with Regina and Rianna! We taught about temples and eternal marriage, which is normally something you teach either after baptism or like RIGHT BEFORE, but we felt prompted to teach it. So we did!  Well, actually, the SPIRIT did. It was the most amazing lesson! We showed them pictures of temples and talked about eternal marriage. Rianna, who is 14, was just floored. She said that she wants to be married in the temple and have a forever family! It was really cool. She is gonna get there one day. Her whole family is. They know it is true and they are just working on getting ready to be baptized! :) Let's hear it for temples! #favoritelesson #sprititeachestruth 

So we have been working with a less active single Mom, and her daughter Kira who is nine and wants to be baptized. We finally got in with them! A few weeks ago we made them a "Thankful Jar' for writing things they were thankful for and then putting them in the jar for like a family activity. We just gave it to them one night and didn't think much of it. Well we finally got back in and they have been doing it! And it really opened the Mom up and she agreed to let her daughter be baptized! YAY! :) OH. Answered prayer. So cool. 

Also. Felt prompted at like 7:30 (pretty late and dark) to go see a less active part member family that we had never met before. Well as we got to the road they lived on it had a "road closed" sign...but we were like. We know we need to see these people! So WE DROVE AROUND IT ANYWAY and went. Turns out it was like the only time he was home from work and we met his daughter and it was great!!! 

One more: Felt prompted to go talk to a Mom in her driveway. Went and it was one of those "Y'all are literally an answer from God. This is just what I needed. Thank you!" Heavenly Father knows all of His children. ALL OF THEM. And He knows what they need when they need it. And if you ask for the Spirit to guide you, it will! It really will! AH. It's so cool. 

Hope everyone has the most AMAZING Thanksgiving. And eat lots of pumpkin pie. :) One thing they have down here in the South is called "Corn Bread Dressing." It's kind of like stuffing but way better. And it'sin a casserole dish. :) mmmHMMM!! So good. 

THE church is true. :) Be so thankful this week! Thankful people are happy people. :)

-Sister Wilson

Picture- Shrimp Gumbo from a ward member on a rainy day :)

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