Wednesday, November 25, 2015

9/14/15 ONE TRANSFER DOWN... and more miracles to follow :)

Hey y'all. 

So. THis was the last week of the transfer. Yep. I just made it through my first transfer. How crazy is that??? I've been on my mission for almost 2 months!!! Yeah. That's crazy. And my training is half way done! I am almost completely trained. 

So. Updates with everything. Sadly because I started a new transfer this week I FORGOT my planner where I keep track of EVERYTHING so we will have to just do our best with what I can remember. 

Well first off we are working with Melinda to help her stop smoking. She reallllyyyy struggles with it. But we helped her throw away all her cigarettes and ashtrays and she said she wants to quit and she's going to do it! Pray for her. 

ALSO. Crazzy amaizng story for y'all. Miracle. 

So. Amber started investigating the church LAST YEAR when her daughter passed away. THe past missionaries have worked with her and she had committed to baptism 2 different times but they never worked out. A lot of her friends are against the church so she gets a lot of negativity from them. But she wants to keep learning. She even bought her own QUAD! She is super into the Plan of Salvation and how the Spirit world is among us. SHe beleives the Plan of Salvation but is struggling with the Prophet Joseph Smith. Well. The other day her friend Mary was putting tabs on the quad for each of the books and she was getting really frusterated because the pages kept flipping. The fan was on so she turned the fan down but the pages kept flipping. Finally when she got to the Book of Mormon the pages stopped flipping. The fan was still going but the pages were not flipping. At all. Until all at once they flipped again to Joseph Smith History. Right then Mary knew that that was who Amber was struggling with. She also knew that the Book of Mormon was where Amber needed to be reading. Mary is NOT A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH. Mary went to Amber and told her what happened. SHe looked Amber in the eyes and said, "The Book is true." Amber and Mary both strongly felt that Amber's daughter who had passed away was totally involved! Amber texted us a few days after telling us this story and told us she wanted to be baptized on November 9, the day her daughter passed away. 

 We also has a lesson with one of our neighbors who claimed he knew "everything about Mormons." He has family that are LDS and some really good childhood friends who are LDS as well. He flat out told us that "Y'all aren't gonna convert me" and that "he already knew all about us and what we believe." Well. We started teaching lesson one once we get could two words out (this guy was SUPER chatty and very excited to tell us what we believe). But once we got his attention and presented Lesson 1 and he said he would have an open mind things changed. The Spirit was there as we testified that the Priesthood had been brought back to the earth. He said that was something he had never considered before and he was intrigued.  By the end of the lesson he had committed to a baptismal date. The church is so true! 

Also at church on Sunday we were able to have one of our investigators who we have been helping teach him how to read again  after his open brain surgery come to church in his wheel chair. 

AND one of the grandma's in our ward has been bringing her grandson (age 14) to church. He wants to get baptized but he "never wanted to bother the missionaries". We were like WHAT?! PLEASE!! BOTHER US!!!! So we taught him as well and he as committed to baptism. 

GAHHH there is so much more to say but there is no time. I wish I could tell it all!! 

Our district here in Liberty has gotten so close this past transfer. One of the Elders is leaving and we are so sad! But we are excited to see who will come. 

The church is true, y'all.  Sing the song of redeeming love ER DAY. (every day in Texan). 

Helaman 5:12, y'all. 
Sister Wilson
THE Mission

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