Thursday, November 26, 2015

11/16/15 Sister Madsen Vs. the Fire Ant: An epic Battle!

Well hello everyone! 

It was quite the week here in Orange and Vinton. Let me tell you. 

So on MONDAY Sister Madsen got bit by a FIRE ANT on our way to pick up our laundry. She has been bitten by ants before but this one was different. Her WHOLE FOOT swelled up! The actual bite disappeared...and her whole foot got SUPER RED and HOT and itchy and swollen! We made it throughMonday and then Monday night it woke her up because it was itching SO bad!! So we had the Hammonds (senior couple in our district) look at it. They called the mission doctor and he said we just need to take benadryl. THen the swelling got WORSE and moved up her ankle to her LEG!!!!! 

Ok. So long story short, we narrowly avoided a run to Vidor to see a doctor, and we ended up having to have it ELEVATED FOR 24 HOURS. 

Yes. 24 hours. In the apartment. Elevating a foot. PLUS!! She was still trying to get over a cold. So. There you go. Inside we were. Going CRAZY!!! 

When you're a missionary, you wanna be out working. Not inside with your foot in the air!  But my oh my did the Lord have something to teach us. Yes, hmmmhmmm He sure did. 

Sometimes what we want is NOT what the Lord wants. Sometimes the Lord has a bigger plan. And we sometimes don't see it because all we see is the thing we want right now. It may be good- it may be a righteous desire. But we need to want what the LORD wants for us. We can't think we know what the Lord wants. We wanted to go out and TEACH! But the Lord wanted us to get that foot better and learn to want what HE wants, not what we want. Even when we think what we want should be what He wants. He knows so much more than we do. So how can we want what the LORD really wants and not what WE think we and He wants? 

THe answer is PRAYER. We read the the Bible dictionary that prayer is us aligning our will with the Father's. CHanging what WE want to what HE wants. Then we want what He wants and then it's a win win win. 

That's another thing I've realized with the Lord. It's always a win win win. No one ever looses. Except Satan. He's already lost. So. Sorry not sorry, Satan. I want what the Lord wants! I trust Him and know that He knows what's best. :) 

Thursday was ZONE CONFERENCE!! So that was cool. :) I was SO worried because we drive a 2015 Chevy Cruze and the TIRE pressure was like SUPER low that morning that we had to have the vehicle coordinator check it! I was so worried. But he explained what to do and after Zone Conferences we took the car to get fixed! I've never had to do that before on my own! It's been so weird to be in charge of a car. But it's good. We like it. :) 

Saturday was the coolest thing EVER! Because we got to help out at the Special ANGEL'S RODEO! It was a community Rodeo/activity for those with Special Needs. We were assigned to be buddies for some amazing people with special needs! It was really cool. We took them around and helped them do the rodeo activities! Something I will never forget. :)  

And remember the Mom and 2 kids? Well the daughter, Rianna, came to church! She has been reading the Book of Mormon, and she LOVES it. She says she feels enlightened when she reads it and super peaceful. We asked if she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet. SHe said YEAH because of him we have the Book of Mormon! We were like YES!! SHe's got it. SHe's got it. I am so excited for her. Her Mom's been having some health issues, but she will be at church next week. YAY! 

Love you all. Have a fantastic week. Remember to pray for what you want to be what the LORD wants. 

-Sister Wilson

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