Thursday, November 26, 2015

10/26/15 An apology and BIG NEWS!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


EVERYONE!! Ah. I have so much to tell you. 

First off. I am sosososososososos sorry for not doing a group email last week. I felt super bad and it will not happen again if I can help it. The reason why is because we had a Zone Pday where we went to President Rascone's house... he is a member of the mission presidency and he is also like one of the main newscasters for Houston...needless to say they are NOT poor. I will send some pics of us outside the pool in their backyard and of their stage/movie theater inside their house. 

So much has happened these past 2 weeks! 

I will start with the biggest news...


Yes! They did! They really did!! It was so amazing! And also kinda stressful. Because Tyler's Mom is STAUNT baptist and isnt' exactly friendly towards the church... and she had to sign the permission/record form before he could be baptized and then the baptismal service started and she wasn't there and we were trying not to panic because not only was the STAKE PRESIDENT there but also our MISSION PRESIDENT came .... so talk about PRESSURE. But it was OK because she showed up 15 min late right after the talks and then we had her sign it and then he got baptized. PHEW! The Lord answers prayers, people! He really does. 

THEN. Amber got baptized too! She is a hairdresser who gets LOTS of crap from people she does hair for about the church. But she has received a spiritual witness that it was true and she decided to be baptized. She is hilarious and so awesome! Her friend Mary came too who was also involved with her receiving an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. Mary shouldn't be far behind Amber...she basically already knows the Book of Mormon is true so....yeah. :) 

Next Big News. 

TRANSFER CALLS!!! So when you are trained you are trained for 12 weeks (2 transfers). And we were supposed to get calls on Friday to tell us if we were staying or if we were going or if one was staying or one know?? It's good to know because then you can say goodbye's to people and have time to pack. But then Friday passed and there was no call...then Sat call...we were like...uh... I guess we are staying...??? But then BOOM.Saturday night we got the call! 

So we all thought Sister Casas was leaving. Because A) she has trained 2 other missionaries before me and she left them right after they finished training. and B) Because they often give missionaries the chance to lead out the area and C) because there weren't very many new missionaries coming out and chances of training were slim and D) Sister Casas realized she had an extra transfer. So for all these reasons we thought she was leaving. 

Well. The Lord had other plans! 

I am leaving Dayton. Yes. I cried. What a way to end the transfer, though. 2 Baptisms! I still couldn't believe it. Then at the church after the baptisms President told Sister Casas she was training the next transfer there in Dayton. THEN. He called me later that day and told me ...

I am training too!!!! This is a very rare situation, though. I will be half training...meaning that the new missionary has been here for her first 6 weeks of training and then I will be her trainer (AKA Mom in the mission field) for the last 6 weeks! President said he needed someone who could, "Get the job done right." Whoa. That's a lot of trust in me! It's a big responsibility. Prayers would be helpful. :) But...

I seriously am like so excited. 

But it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone in Dayton. 

But the Lord has GREAT things in store for me and my new adopted daughter! YAY for THE MISSION!! 

Also. We had exchanges this past week and Hermana Baker came to Dayton with me! We helped our investigators move and we took pictures because the packing was like so SKETCH...everything went ok though. No worries. :) 

Well. That is all for now. 

Y'all rock. Have a fantastic week. 

Remember that, "It will all work out." 


Sister Wilson 

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