Wednesday, November 25, 2015

9/21/15 Extra, Extra, Read all about it.... the Mattress Lady is BACK!

Ah, hello to all again from the wonderful state of Texas. :) 

Fun fact: in Texas whenever you see an American Flag flying you will ALWAYS see a Texas flag by its side. Like without fail. That's Texas for ya. :) 

Well. First off, let me just say, the Mattress Lady is BACK! So, remember when we randomly helped this lady with her mattress on the side of the road? And then we started teaching her? And then she randomly moved to DALLAS and we were like WHAT?! #heartbroken. 

Well, my friends, the Lord provides a way. She is BACK!!!! We were visiting her neighbor (the man in a wheel chair who is we are teaching how to read ) and she walked up to say hi! We were like AHHH!!! BRIANNA!!! And she said she wanted to come to church. Well. She is actually around our age so she is YSA. Which is kind of sad because that means that we can't teach her, the Zone Leaders are her missionaries now, but that's ok! So we hooked her up with a ride to the YSA branch about 40 min away and she WENT and she LOVED IT!! YAY FOR BRIANNA WE ARE SO PUMPED FOR HER!!!  She said that she knew she was meant to meet us that night with the mattress. Miracles are real. It's amazing. 

We also had a fantastic lesson this week with Bridget and Gabby and Alley! (the family that just got baptized.) We taught them about Temples and Eternal families. Which is now like my favorite lesson because like WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE WITH THEIR FAMILY FOREVER?? Bridget said she wants to be sealed to her husband one day but for right now he wants nothing to do with the church. Pray for them! :) They also fed us dinner on Thursday. They are already STALWART members. :) 

Ok. So Crazy amazing story for y'all. Last Saturday we met this husband and wife when we volunteered to help paint signs for the building manager of the apartment complex. Amanda and Mike talked to us a little bit and we shared a quick video with them before we had to head out to an appointment. Well, the Spanish Elders were also there and kept talking to them after we left. We found out later that another woman joined the conversation and there was a HUGE debate and the Elders tried not to get involved but Amanda was totally defending the Atonement. Well we ended up teaching Mike and Amanda this week and I was SO nervous! Like so scared. Amanda was really intimidating for some reason and idk why but i was terrified. But. Then. When we finally got in to teach them the lesson it was by far one of THE MOST AMAZING LESSONS OF MY ENTIRE MISSION SO FAR.  No joke. IT was incredible. She was fascinated and amazed and the husband as well. They had great questions and loved the message and committed to be baptized. 

Then. Get this. 

Elder Wilder (one of the Spanish Elders who met and talked with Amanda) got transferred this past week. Well. He was walking through the store in some completely different area and city. And saw who he thought was Amanda. He went up to her to say hi and quickly realized it was not Amanda... IT WAS HER IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER!!!!  What are the chances?!?! No coincidences, people! It was meant to be!! Now the sister is asking all these questions about missionaries and the church!! Talk about AMAZING!! AHHHH I can't even handle it right now. 

The miracles continue. 

I wish I could share it all. But. No time. 
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