Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10/5/15 Flu Shots and Conference Talks

Hello all! 

So this week was awesome. Because. 2 words. GENERAL CONFERENCE. And 3 words. RASBAND, STEVENSON, RENLUND. #welcometothetwelve #sustained #wemisspacker/perry/scott

And just so everyone knows,  President Monson is my hero. He totally is a prophet of God. No normal mortal man could've had the power to stay up there and deliver the word of God, overcoming whatever physical ailments were trying to take him down. He was suffering. He is human. And although the devil sent forth is might winds, PRESIDENT MONSON COULD NOT FALL. Why? Because of the rock upon which he is built. A foundation upon which if we build, we can not fall. What was that foundation? Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. The Lord will support and help us do things which the natural man could never imagine was possible. 

Never put mortal limits on an immortal God who loves you. 

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me. " Philippians 4:12

Speaking of amazing things, this week was pretty awesome. :)

We had exchanges! Our Sister Training Leader for the zone came to Dayton with me! I lead out the area once again. I felt a lot better about doing it this time because I had done it before.  We planned out our day and honestly it went pretty OK. There was good and there was some rough but we learned from it all! 

Then we had this awesome day where like everything fell into place and we kept like running into people and teaching and it was really super cool. We taught like way more lessons then we normally do and it was a really neat experience. Really, the Lord will guide you when you ask for Him to. :) 

So on Thursday we got a media referral! Which means someone online requested a Book Of Mormon in our area so we contacted him figure out when we could drop a Book of Mormon by. Well we called him and he said we could possibly meet us at the high school or at his house. K. Well. Based on the voice we COULD NOT TELL if it was like a TEACHER or a STUDENT. He surely sounded like a teacher. Well we got there and it was a student! He was super official and professional. Turns out he has to do a report on a religion and he chose MORMONS!! We were like, 
" AHHH YESSS what do you want to know?? We have all the answers! Let us teach you everything!!" Ok maybe not exactly that but that's what we were saying in our heads haha. :) Well. He is like Thanks for the Book of Mormon I will totally read it and give you a call when I have any questions for my project. We can meet again next week. #miraclemediareferral

And. Our good friend MELINDA came to conference!! She was NOT going to come but we were persistent! We knocked until she opened. We woke her up. She was like in her PJ's. She was like I'm not coming. (She came. and loved it.) 

We also got flu shots this week! They were free. Yay! 

The church is so true! Listen to conference again and again it is the best. 


Sister Wilson

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