Thursday, November 26, 2015

11/02/15 LOUISIANA, PEOPLE! Dreams do come true. :)

OH, how do I begin? 

Hello, everyone. 

Yes. I was transferred. 

Yes, I am training. 


Well, technically I live in Orange, Texas and am serving in the Orange Ward... but we cover an area that is IN LOUISIANA! We cross the border almost every day to go to our area! Dreams do come true, everyone! They really do. :) There are only 2 other areas in the whole missions that sisters get to go to Louisiana, and I got blessed enough to serve here in East Orange! YAY! It is so awesome. The personality and FEEL of Louisiana is COMPLETELY different than Texas. It's so strange...yet SO awesome. AH. It's just the best. 

We cover two VERY small towns in Louisiana. Vinton is basically the story of radiator springs from Cars, the Disney movie! So there used to be a main road and railroad that went through it but then they built a new road. And it's like hidden in the south west end of Louisianna... Just yes. I will send pictures. :) 

My new adopted daughter (the sister I am training) is Sister Madsen! She is from Rexburg, ID and is pretty much amazing. I was a little worried about getting a new companion but all I can say is... THE LORD KNOWS. OH how He knows us each so well. Sister Madsen is dedicated to the work and loves the gospel so much! She is a great example to me and I love her. We are pretty much twins. People have asked us that actually! We both LOVE the gospel and are SO pumped for what this transfer has to hold! :) 

We had a lot of work to do on our apartment...but we did it!

We have been working with some awesome people! Something really cool about this area is we have a Senior Couple who work with the family history center and do lots of other work for the ward! Elder and Sister Hammond are awesome. 

Some highlights from this week: 

We got to go do a service project at the Orange Christian services and go hang up clothes for a discount store. We also did a service project with a Methodist church where we helped bag rice. It was awesome! 

This guy named Garry is so prepared for the Gospel! Sister Madsen contacted him last week and we taught him this week and he committed to baptism! He wants to come to church but needs to have his work schedule changed. Pray he can get it off so he can come to church! :) 

We are also working with some AWESOME energetic and NOT shy at all girls named Rebecca and Riley. They even came to mutual on Wednesday. Hopefully we will be able to get in with their whole family! :) 

That's all I have time for now. I wish I could tell every detail but there is just not time. 

I just want you all do know, that the Lord does answer prayers. They key is if we align our will with His- want what He wants- and everything will work out just the way it is supposed to. 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week! 


Sister Wilson

Fun Fact: I found out a guy a knew from High School (Elder Lawrence) was out on THIS  mission and I ended up in his district! #whatarethechances #nocoincidences
ALSO; Fun connection we found with a family from my home ward! Their son and his wife's family is all in this Orange ward here and I met them on Sunday. Super cool! :) 

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