Wednesday, November 25, 2015

9/28/15 Lesson it up

Hello to all :) 

Let me just say, WHAT A WEEK my friends. WHAT. A. WEEK. Wow. One of the hardest weeks so far. But also, one of the most amazing. So awesome how that works. 

First off, we taught SO MANY LESSONS THIS WEEK!  New record! We did a lot better with getting members out with us to teach. It was hard but we did it. 

Update on our friend Melinda. We try to see her every day to help her stop smoking. She is getting there, but she also doesn't really... ahh...she is just like... eh. She will be like, "I'm quitting tomorrow!" But then tomorrow arrives and we are like, "Any cigarettes today?" And she'll be like "Only one! Isn't that great!?" We are like yes....but... gah. No. You need to stop. Slowly but surely. Pray for her! 

Our friend Jackie who we are teaching how to read out of the Children's Book of Mormon FINALLY realized that Joseph Smith and the first vision and the gold plates REALLY HAPPENED and it's not just a story that we read about. Huge break through. #hallelujah Also his nurse Lady who is totally southern baptist and wouldn't even look at us when we first started working with Jackie actually opened up to us and was like, 

**Read with the up-most black lady southern baptist SASS accent:

"I just have to say I think what y'all do is marvelous. We don't believe the same, but the basis Christian life is the same. Y'all have so much patience and love. It is just marvelous. I've seen a change in Mr. Jackie, here. Just the other day I told him my sister was in the hospital and he said he would pray for her. Mr Jackie! Pray for my Sister! He would've never said that. But thanks to you girls he has changed. I just think it's marvelous." 

So that kind of made our day. :) 

Bryant and Sandra Rosales had their baby!! Little Dominick is here! We taught them twice this week. We got to have some members come with us and they are great fellowshippers. Bryant is serious about getting in touch with God and trying to be a good father. Sandra is interested to learn more. And. Get this. THEY CAME TO CHURCH. Yes. Their texted us Sunday morning and said their car wouldn't start. So we called the family that helped teach the lesson and they were able to last minute go pick them all up (all 6 of them, they have 4 kids now!) and bring them to church!! It was so amazing! Satan tried to keep them from church but HA TAKE THAT SATAN. :) 

Also Jackie came to church, last minute we were able to find him a ride. That was ANOTHER miracle. 

We also had Tyler- a 14 yr old boy who stays with his gma on weekends come to church too. Yay for Tyler. :) 

And. Amber. She came to church. She knows it is true. She DOES! She is totally set to be baptized on Oct. 25!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY  I seriously love her so much and she is amazing. 

And Sat. Night I got to go to the Women's session with Sis. Mournsalways. (her husband is Native American...isn't that like the craziest/coolest/kindofsaddest last name you've ever heard??) She served a mission in Switzerland and told us tons of her cool mission stories. So the stake center that we went to looked so much like home...I felt like I was home...because I was like watching the exact same women's session that they were at home. It was strange. But good. I LOVED IT!! So excited for conference. PREPARE NOW, PEOPLE! :) 

Well, that's all I have time for this week. Love you all. 

-Sis. Wilson 

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