Thursday, November 26, 2015

11/09/15 Sister Poole and her "Alma"gator.... #adventuresinSTARKS and the Mom and 2 kids :)

Dearest family and friends,

What an adventurous week it has been! I am really started to feel adjusted to this new area! :) Oh. I have SO much to tell you! 

So first of all this week we went into STARKS LA for the first time. Starks is a small down in like the tippy-top of our area and it takes TONS of miles to drive there, so Sister Madsen had never been there before. But it's part of our area and there were a few Less Active members who lived out there and we felt we needed to go to that part of our area. So we went and visited Sister Poole! She has been inactive for awhile but used to be in YW. Her house is like the BYU Bean Museum..with like TONS of stuffed ones that used to be alive. Yeah. So we found out later from the Elders that apparently she has an ALLIGATOR in her backyard. 

She keeps it as a pet. 

In her backyard. 

She gets them as babies and when they get too big she gives them over to animal control...??? IDK!!! 

Kinda crazy cool. 

Kinda scary. 

Such is STARKS. 

Also. We named it the "Alma"gator. Idk why. We thought it fit. 

And she is so awesome. We don't even know why she is inactive. We will be working with her. :) 

Also I think I forgot to mention that the Elders had a baptism last week. It was super cool! Yay for Kasey and Kahlil. 

So the mission has recently come out with a requirement to do 10 hours of service a week! Well we already were going to Orange Christian Services and helping with clothing donations twice a week in the mornings, and it is so awesome! But Sister Madsen said that there was a Lady who does a Soup Kitchen at St. Mary's Catholic Church on we hunted that place down and went in and met THE NICEST PEOPLE EVER!!! And they were like OH! SISTERS! YOU CAME!!! Please come in!!! And then they like FED US and then we helped feed everyone that came in. It was so cool. Service opportunities are the best! Help your communities, people! There's nothing else like it. :) 

Also we are teaching Rebekah, she is 14 and reminds me so much of "Annie" it's not even funny. Like "Annie" the musical. She is committed to baptism and she has been coming to YW. She is super nice and we are so happy for her! But her parents haven't really opened up to us yet. We are praying to get in with the whole family! She has a little sister who we are teaching as well. They are both super awesome! 

HIGHLIGHT of the week: 

We went to visit a "Mom and two kids" that were on our potentials. Yes, we didn't even know their names but we went to go visit them and we actually had a member with us from a previous lesson that came too. And this Mom and this daughter were like SO prepared. We taught the Restoration and they said that it all made sense. After the first vision and we explained Joseph Smith all she could say was, "Beautiful. So beautiful." She was almost in tears. The Spirit was so strong. They committed to be baptized. They are so ready! We also got in with them again this week and taught the Plan of Salvation. She said that there literally was a burden LIFTED when she learned about people having a second chance in the Spirit world. Both her and their daughter. AH! Moments to live for. Right there. I am so excited and happy for them. :) 

Also! Last P-day we went to this cool park that is like a castle. It also has a lion statue in front that we rode on and took pictures. :) Also a district picture after District Meeting. :) 

I love you all. Remember how beautiful the gospel truly is. Try to see it from someone else's eyes who had no idea about it. How amazing and beautiful the truth can be. 

I love you all! 

-Sister Wilson

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